The Modern Forms App

To take full advantage of all that your Modern Forms Smart Fan has to offer, download our exclusive Modern Forms app. It’s the perfect companion for your Modern Forms Smart Fan and can be found on the AppStore or Google Play.


The Modern Forms app is a convenient way to control your fan and integrate with smart home systems all at the same time – from anywhere in the world.


Many of the basic fan functions can be performed from the main screen of the app. “Main Power” will simultaneously power the fan and luminaire on or off. The fan and the luminaire have their own dedicated power buttons, while also having sliders that allow you to increase or decrease fan speed and light brightness independently.


You can also select Winter or Summer Mode, and set independent sleep timers for both the fan and luminaire.

From the main screen, you can add a new fan, or view a list of fans that are currently paired and available for control.


Directly below the normal fan functions are selections for grouping, scheduler, and options.


To create a group, select group from the main menu, then click “add a group.” Then, choose a name for your group. The app gives you the option of taking a photo to be assigned to the group. Once you have selected all the fans for your group, click save.


To create a schedule, select “scheduler” from the main menu. Click the “add” button to begin the process. You can create weekly or monthly schedules, and schedule fan and light activity independently.


The options menu allows you to integrate with smart home devices such as ecobee, share fans with other user accounts, set Away Mode, change account settings, and view a list of frequently asked questions. You can also sign out of your profile from the options screen.

Stay tuned for more on our exclusive Modern Forms app.