FAQs – Smart Advice

Download and install the app on your phone from your app store. Launch the app, create a new login or login using your Facebook or Google sign in. If this is your first fan, the app will automatically launch our add device wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your fan to your home network, and connect it to our cloud services.

NOTE: You will need to know your home Wi-Fi network name and password.

From your remote or wall control, press and hold the <> and <> for 10 seconds. The LED will blink and the fan will beep twice indicating the command was received. This will reset the Wi-Fi settings on the fan. You can now re-add the fan to your home network using the Modern Forms app by logging in and pressing the <<+>> button and following the on-screen instructions

When setting up your fan, its Wi-Fi module scans for compatible networks in the area. If there are a lot of networks it may not see yours on the first try. <>. You can manually enter your network name and password by tapping the <> button in the bottom center of the screen.

  • Make sure your network is password protected. WEP and open networks are not supported.
  • Make sure your network is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n. To confirm your network is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n, check your router settings or contact your router manufacturer.
  • Make sure your network’s SSID is not hidden.
  • Make sure your network is broadcasting in 2.4 GHz. 5 GHz networks are not supported and will not be displayed.

If you have not connected your fan to the app, Install the Modern forms app and add your fan (see above).

If you already connected your fan to the app, it may have temporarily lost its Internet connection.

If you’ve confirmed your home Internet connection is up, you can power cycle the fan from the wall control on/off by pulling out the tab << Picture >> for 10 seconds and pushing the tab back in. Alternatively, you can turn power off at the circuit breaker supplying the fan for 10 seconds and then turning the breaker on. The fan should then re-connect to the Internet and you should regain control from the App.

When connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the fan, the app uses a direct connection to the fan to send commands. When away from home the app connects to your fan via our secure cloud service. If your fan loses connection to the Internet, we cannot control it from the cloud. Ensure your home Internet is up and the fan has power.

NOTE: A network reset will only re-broadcast the default Modern Forms Smart Fan Wi-Fi network. All your product names, rooms, events, and other settings will not be changed.

Press and hold the fan speed up and fan speed down buttons for 5 seconds.

The LED will light red, blink green and return to solid red, and the receiver will beep to indicate that Wi-Fi reset is successful.

After the Wi-Fi resets, the fan will broadcast its service set indicator (SSID).

If the above sequence doesn’t work, bring your fan to a complete stop and try the following:

Power cycle the fan by cutting power using the emergency On/Off switch or breaker panel.

After 10 seconds, enable power.

Try sequence above again.

To reconnect the fan to the Modern Forms app, tap the + within the app and follow the pairing sequence.

NOTE: If you are updating your router the fan will still appear in the Modern Forms app but will need to be re-paired.