Port Washington, New York--- Marvel at Neo, this ultra-thin sconce and vanity light collection, which adapts the latest screen technology from the television and display industry, to create phenomenal light output. The amazing uniform light is free from glare, hot spots and color-over-angle changes. Place above or alongside a mirror for a modern geometric display of two-dimensional rectilinear forms. Create a dramatic display of wall art with an arrangement of these modular units.

The cornerstone to Modern Forms’ technology story, Neo is among the brightest luminaires in the entire line and incorporates an edge lit structure with heavy extruded aluminum frames that act as a heat sink.  Light extraction optic film is placed behind the glass to evenly distribute the light. 

The entire luminaire is 7/8-inch thick with a 3/8-inch reveal permitting a recessed look when mounted end to end with mirrors. Neo can be mounted vertically or horizontally.  With a low profile design, Neo is ADA compliant and can be dimmed to meet user preferences and priced for everyday saleability.

Neo’s cutting edge design complements a diverse array of architectural interiors while delivering high quality, functional illumination for luxury homes, hotels and commercial spaces.

Utilizing proprietary energy efficient LED technology, MODERN FORMS luminaires feature LED modules engineered to deliver superlative consistent light quality, lumen output and a high color rendering index (CRI).  State of the art components, including replacement LED modules and drivers, are manufactured in miniature sizes to create a multitude of new possible designs.


Engineered to the finest detail for unsurpassed performance and design sophistication, MODERN FORMS is established by WAC Lighting as a future forward manufacturer and innovative brand of unique upscale LED luminaires.  MODERN FORMS, with an initial offering of more than 26 families and 160 styles, was designed to complement a diverse array of architectural interiors and exteriors while delivering high quality, functional illumination for luxury homes, hotels and commercial spaces.

MODERN FORMS features a full presentation of bath and outdoor luminaires based on a concept to achieve superior illumination from clean upscale forms made possible exclusively with LED technology. Five powder coat finishes, marine-grade stainless steel and a variety of sizes permit maximum versatility in style and application. Most of these low profile sconces conform to ADA requirements and are scaled to both interior and exterior settings.

For more information, contact MODERN FORMS.  A WAC Lighting Company.  Tel. 1.800.526.2588 Website:  www.MODERNFORMS.com.

Corporate headquarters are located in Port Washington, New York, with factories in New York and Ontario, California.